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Finn is a featured character in Zooba Battle he is the fav character of pepino pro s waiting for his next victim. He regains health by using his active skill, “Chomp” while also dealing a mouthful of damage to the unlucky foe. His three choices of weapons are a spear, bomb, and shotgun. Finn is…

*Level 18 Finn* is Unstoppable | ZOOBA – YouTube

Finn, the reckless stalker! — Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena Help Center

credit:Orangberry Lore Finn the shark was born a biter and will die a biter. He seems to follow an ‘opposite day’ approach to life, doing unexpected

Finn OLD vs NEW Zooba – YouTube


Finn is such a goofy biter. I bet it doesn’t even hurt! 🦈 👀 #zooba #ZooBattleArena #zootips

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